Loving Henry, Book Two in the Coming Through Trilogy is on its way.

Loving Henry

The last two weeks I've been outlining and digging up research for book two. I've been in touch with my friend Ben Borden, who is in the Gloucester Virgina Historical Society, and volunteers time at the museum near Boutetourt Town. At the center of this village is Gloucester Courthouse Historical District. Ben and I discussed Ware Neck, where I sited Henry Ransom's Hollywell Plantation. Henry's cousin Terrance has a plantation on the other side facing the North River, which I've named Bellvue Plantation. I've asked Ben a favor; to drive from Warner Hall along Rt. 17, which he's told me before, was referred to as, "The Great Road," in Henry's time and drive down the Ware Neck where I sited Henry's plantation Hollywell, to figure out with me, just how long it would take Henry to trot either way on one of his quarter race horses. I have sited Henry's place just below Glen Roy Estates on the right side of the peninsula, and all the way to landing at the Yacht Club. This area is very near Gloucester Point and Hayes Virginia where the decisive Battle of the Hook was fought in 1781.


As I delve into the details, the outlines and scenes they are not coming to me in order, but out of order, I'm used to that; I'll take what comes to me and put them in order later. Right now what's important to me, is that I am an open vessel for creative input from my "muse." Today's fare is going to be typing up my notes and filing them while I begin to craft whole scenes. Working on the scaffolding of the story: is the premise, having the courage to fight for what's right. In this case; freedom from tyranny, declaring what's one's own, and through courage having a way of life that is one of self-governance and authentically American. Courage as a theme in the book, is expressed in many ways through the choices the different characters make. The entire book is not set just in Colonial times, but includes the Boston area, Cape Ann, and we will be seeing more of Vermillion Ducati, and Detective Michael Flanagan.If you've read Coming Through, there will be many of the same characters...but not all, and some new ones. If you haven't read book one yet, it might be a good time to get started.  

As a way of throwing my hat in the ring for a publishing date, I'm shooting for sending it off to my publisher by mid to late October. Tune in on Coming Through's Facebook page where I'll be posting too.