MAKING CHANGE and "Coming Through," the novel.

After returning from a trip to Gloucester, Massachusetts for the final changes in my novel, "Coming Through," I met with my tech adviser Garret Matsuura from Arclight Media to make a few changes here to my website. Now it will serve as the home across all the mediums I use for self expression, including music, photography, painting and my work as an author. "Coming Through," is set in Gloucester, VA in the 1770's, and in Gloucester, MA in current time. It is a spiritual time travel novel about one woman's journey toward redemption for sins she never even committed. It involves Gloucester, VA just before the Revolutionary War, but more of the novel is set in present time and sweeps across the country starting on the west coast in Southern California. The protagonist winds up in New York City, and eventually gravitates toward Boston, MA, finding an apartment in Lynn. There is superstition, religion, spirituality, love, loss, and psychosis. It involves a spiritual vortex so severe as to draw fragments of her eternal soul from the future into the body of an ailing elderly woman hovering near death. Then a less evolved fragment of her eternal soul, that of an aging colonist who has fallen off his horse on the way back from a evening of cards at a neighboring plantation, whose head injury leaves him poorly tethered to life, winds up in the body of a 26 year old MIT student  left for dead in a hit and run by drunken teenagers—but not in the Gloucester, Virginia where he lives—in Gloucester, Massachusetts 240 years in the future.