"Coming Through," is through, and it's available on Amazon

The  book signing and launch party was great fun. Thank you to all of you who attended on November 8th at the Steynberg Gallery here in SLO, CA. 

Friends from Monterey, San Francisco, LA, Ventura, relatives, previous patients of mine, new friends, interested readers from the local public and my musician friends came to be a part of  a moment in history for me; publishing my first novel in a book series. My beta readers, consultants and beta "listeners" were there too.  

It was a gorgeous fall day, things went swimmingly. We set up the equipment for the musical part of the day, and Louie Ortega, his friend Mark, Scott Conroy, Robyn Saxer and I were in a tight space while plugging things in and doing mic checks, tuned instruments and the like. Betsey Nash and I went over the schedule and how things would flow, one more time. Adam and Joe set up the two beautiful flower arrangements, as Peter Steynberg and staff set out a lovely table of refreshments. 

We started off with a few announcements introducing the day and jumped into playing four songs from the companion playlist. After that Louie took it away while I started signing books and mingling with people I hadn't seen in a long time. 

Then it was Q and A from Betsey Nash, my MC and the audience, and readings by me of a few scenes.

After that, back to signing, and finally we wrapped up with the audience sing along; Superman from Five for Fighting was the last tune, and everyone was in the mood. What a great way to celebrate completion of the first novel and a point of embarkation for beginning the other two.