The Effects of Spring

The signs of spring show up differently, depending on where you live. Here in SLO, CA, the climate is Mediterranean and the signs are much more subtle and much earlier. One morning recently I woke up and noticed the trill of the Red Winged Blackbird, and knew then that the mustard grass must be springing up as well. There are miniature daffodils, and snapdragons appearing, flanked by violet "flags"/irises. I love the fact that bulbs are the very "gift that keeps on giving. I have only to divide them in the fall; dig some new holes and voila, color everywhere. 


Speaking of "color everywhere", I took a trip to Lockwood, CA, to visit a horse sanctuary named Redwings. Here's a place where an abandoned, rescued, or donated horse, can live out his/her days; just being a horse. (And not wind up in Ikea's meatballs from being sold to a kill yard.) On to prettier things. The weather cooperated and was dramatically full of changing light and clouds. Some of these photos will be inspiration for paintings that will capture the feeling of vastness of the landscape. Let me know what you think.


Dozing mustang, at Redwings Mustang Sanctuary, Lockwood, CA 

Dozing mustang, at Redwings Mustang Sanctuary, Lockwood, CA 

There are rewards that I enjoy, from the work of planting; not only from the sheer joy of digging in the dirt, but from the scents and sights of the things I've planted and cared for.